red point cleaning gutters

Why is gutter cleaning important?

Why is gutter cleaning important?

red point cleaning gutters

The guttering on your roof may not look it but it actually plays a very important role in protecting your home’s well-being.  Gutters serve to catch and control the flow of rainwater that lands on your roof, and direct it away from your home.  Ultimately, your guttering helps to prevent water from eroding your foundations, and avoids damage to the structure, siding and exterior of your home, but what would happen exactly if we didn’t have gutters at all or they were just so clogged up with leaves, moss and other debris that they couldn’t do their job?  Let us take a closer look…

Gutter cleaning does not have to be expensive, but it is important to do it regularly.  The role your gutters play in maintaining your home or commercial premises cannot be under-estimated as regularly attended gutters could save you thousands of pounds in repair bills and this is why:

Roof damage

Clogged gutters give rainwater nowhere to run. When water continues to flood over, it can leave a rotten or leaky roof behind.

Damaged foundations and leaking basements

It’s not just your roof that may suffer damage.  Clogged gutters can also cause damage to the foundations of your home.   Rainwater accumulates in your gutters and eventually overflows, where it then pools around your foundations.  If you have a basement or a cellar, the chances are that it will become a leaky one and could cause your foundations to weaken and even crack when the water expands and freezes in winter months.

Pests may start to pay your home a visit

If you allow water to build up in your gutters, you are actually creating a very inviting environment for bugs. A build up of leaves can even make a desirable home for rodents and birds.  Prevent a pest infestation and keep unwanted nasties at bay by removing debris build up and allowing water to run down the guttering and away from your home.

Rotting wooden fascia

Debris in your gutters piles up against the flashing, and this debris holds moisture towards the fascia board, which will eventually cause damage to the sheathing and framing behind the fascia.  If left untreated, this will cause the fascia, sheathing and framing to rot, and replacing all that can leave you with a very hefty bill.

How often should I clean my gutters?

While there is no simple answer for how often you should clean your gutters, clearing gutters every autumn and spring can help alleviate the risk of an expensive headache.  Taking preventive measures regularly can help minimise the likelihood of having to carry out repairs later down the line.

To summarise, leaving your gutters cluttered may save you from paying to have them cleared in the short term, but it’s a long-term disaster to ignore them for too long.  Clogged gutters that are left to fester for long periods will eventually lead to some very expensive damage.  If cleaning your gutters is not something that you feel you can achieve yourself, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 3633 5963 or contact us online for a free, no obligation quote.  We have the knowledge, skills, and specialist equipment necessary to clear your gutters quickly and effectively. We are open for business and welcome your call.

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