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“I constantly strive to make sure that each and every one of our customers is totally happy with our services, be it a single window clean or a regular clean of a commercial business – I respect that our business is nothing without our customers and will never forget this, that is why we provide a guarantee for 100% satisfaction each and every time”

Roland Nagy

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Where do we start? Well, for one, we pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve spent years building up as a reliable, family-run business. We’re very proud to say that the vast majority of our work comes from word-of-mouth recommendations. A happy client, we find, is always willing to tell their friends and colleagues about our superb services, and that’s why we do all we can to make sure our clients are as happy as possible.

Personal services using professional equipment

To achieve the best, you need to use the best.

We use the latest and greatest technologies to ensure that we leave every client’s home or business premises looking as spotless as possible.
Not only are we tough on grime, we’re also tough on the causes of grime!

We’re a business, which means we like to have a high number of clients, but despite this, we always strive to maintain a personal service, and that’s because cleaning windows is our passion, and we’re always passionate about getting the job done to the best of our – or anybody’s – abilities.


You can have your windows cleaned for as little as £10 (inc. the frames & sills), see how much your window cleaning will cost here


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There’s nothing cheaper than free advice

If you have a particularly dirty or large-scale cleaning job that needs tackling, then just give us a call on for window and gutter cleaning or for more general cleaning duties and we’ll pop along to see what we can do for you, or we’ll give you some advice on how your needs can be best accommodated – free of charge, of course.

We’re more flexible than a whole room full of gymnasts, and we’ll always do everything we can to accommodate you and your cleaning needs. We’re happy to clean your windows whenever it’s convenient for you whether you are in or not. If you are in, then you are quite welcome to stick around, watch us work, and make us copious cups of tea. We don’t like surprises though, and I’m sure neither do you, which is why we’ll send you a text alert when we’re on our way. Never fear – it takes something like a six-foot blizzard for us to have an excuse to be even the merest nanosecond late.

We will always let you know when we are coming, we will text you the day before each visit – when you receive our text notification to say we are coming, should it not be convenient then you can just text back and let us know so we can rearrange – no problem.

When we’re cleaning windows

We love cleaning windows. Let us at your windows and we’ll get them so clean you’ll have to check to make sure we haven’t just removed the glass. We approach each window differently as we know each type of window – wood frame, uPVC, aluminium, lead lighting glass, single glazed, double glazed, etc. – require a different technique in order to get them spotless.

Plus, when we clean windows we clean windows – not just the glass, but the frames and sills as well.

The other stuff you need to know

We’re fully insured and can be hired on a regular or one-off basis for commercial or domestic cleaning. All our work is guaranteed (to be spectacular) and we don’t believe in contracts – hire us once and you’ll hire us again as our work is our contract. In the unlikely event you’re not happy with our services, give us a call and we’ll clean everything again, and again until you’re one hundred percent happy.

For the best cleaning services at the keenest prices using the latest technologies, contact us here at Red Point Cleaning Services in South London on .


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