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It’s quite probable that your conservatory is your favourite room in your house, but it’s just as likely that it will only remain your favourite room as long as you keep those countless panes of glass spotlessly clean – which is where we come in at Red Point Cleaning Services in South London. Hire our services and we’ll work hard to restore all your conservatory windows to their initial pristine brilliance.

Keeping your conservatory clean will extend its lifetime

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If you do want to ensure that your conservatory lasts as long as the rest of your house, then it will pay you to have the windows and frames cleaned on a regular basis, as well as keeping up with any maintenance work that is required. If you have a small conservatory you might be able to do this yourself, but the larger your conservatory, the harder the task becomes. Besides, it’s usually a much better proposition to hire the experts anyhow, as they come armed with the right equipment and the experience and expertise.

Taking care of your roof

We use a telescopic pole with its own pure water supply to reach the parts that other window cleaners cannot reach. The pure water that we use makes it easier for us to rid your conservatory roof of moss, dirt and anything else unwanted that has built up.

Of course, not every conservatory roof is the same as ever other conservatory roof – we couldn’t call ourselves expert window cleaners if we thought that! For example, polycarbonate roofs are coated with a cocktail of chemicals that helps protect them from the elements. If we were to use typical household cleaning products, then we would end up damaging that coating. We know not to scrub roofs constructed with polycarbonate, and we don’t use cleaning agents with alkaline or petrol bases.

exterior window cleaning

Most conservatories are constructed using uPVC, as uPVC is a very sturdy material that withstands the elements, lasts several generations and looks great. We like uPVC frames, as they are very easy to clean – just the use of pure water will do the business.

If you’ve gone for wood, then we’ll need to take more care. You may want your wooden conservatory to take on a natural, weathered appearance, in which case it will only need a gentle clean once or twice a year to remove mildew and mould. A free tip from us – use a water-resistant oil on your wooden conservatory, as this will help to bring out the natural grain of the wood while keeping it strong yet flexible.

let us take the strain
when it comes to conservatory cleaning

If you hire Red Point Cleaning Services in South London to tend to your conservatory cleaning, you can be assured, one hundred percent, of a thoroughly professional job. To hire our services, call 020 3633 5963 for general cleaning services.

What do our customers say?

Roland and his colleague cleaned the exteriors of our windows, front and rear, including the conservatory and the Velux windows in the roof. The also cleaned out the gutters – something I can recommend having done as an occasional ‘extra’. Overall, I was very satisfied and can highly recommend Roland and Red Point Cleaning Service.

Marie Shallcross, Beckenham

Thank you and your window cleaner Adrian for the work done at Mail Boxes in Lewisham – you have made a big difference and I wholeheartedly recommend your window cleaning services to any business or residence.

Adrian, Mail Boxes, Lewisham, SE13 5NS

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the team at Red Point Cleaning Service Ltd for the continued hard work keeping our many windows squeaky clean over the last four years or so. They are always friendly, courteous, and do a great job. Highly recommended and a pleasure to do business with.

Munnery Way, Orpington, BR6 8QD


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