uPVC Frame and Sill

Over time, grime can build up around your window frames and sills. The result is a drab, grey-looking window, and who wants that?

Restoring your window frames and sills back to their beautiful best


If you’re based in London or the surrounding areas, then Red Point Cleaning Service are on hand to clean and restore your window frames and sills back to pristine whiteness!

Create the right impression with fully sparkling windows AND frames

If you want to create the perfect impression for important clients who visit your business premises, or if you want to attract potential buyers to your home, then the external appearance of your building is of paramount importance. Details that you might think of as being insignificant – such as the cleanliness of your window sills and frames – can make or break a sale or a vital impression of your company.

Over the past thirty years or so uPVC frames have replaced wooden window frames in homes and premises – they may be more durable and easy to maintain than wood, but they are still prone to the collection of dirt, dust and debris. Give it enough time, and your once-pristine windows will begin to look very drab and extremely dreary.

Red Point Cleaning Service are here to restore your uPVC windows back to their best. We’ll soon have them looking as though they were installed yesterday!

Before uPVC Frame and Sill Cleaning and RestorationAfter uPVC Frame and Sill Cleaning and Restoration (6)
Before uPVC Frame and Sill Cleaning and RestorationAfter uPVC Frame and Sill Cleaning and Restoration
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Although uPVC is often portrayed as being maintenance-free, it still requires cleaning in order to maintain its stylish good looks. Don’t worry though – this is not a weekly maintenance task. As long as your windows, frames and sills are properly cleaned every 2 months they will keep looking impressive.

Manufacturers of uPVC claim that such windows have a life expectancy of over forty years, but in reality, uPVC windows last around twenty years or even less before the time comes to replace them. If you want your uPVC windows to last as long as possible, then keeping them as free as you can from dirt, mould and other contaminants is extremely important.

The hard truth is that if uPVC window frames are not cleaned on a regular basis, then the uPVC will start to degrade. Not only will your windows look ugly, they will age much faster than you thought they would.

Taking the maintenance and cleanliness of your uPVC seriously is something you need to consider if you want to prolong the life of your windows and prevent unnecessary and expensive financial outlays.

What do our customers say?

Roland and his colleague cleaned the exteriors of our windows, front and rear, including the conservatory and the Velux windows in the roof. The also cleaned out the gutters – something I can recommend having done as an occasional ‘extra’. Overall, I was very satisfied and can highly recommend Roland and Red Point Cleaning Service.

Marie Shallcross, Beckenham

Thank you and your window cleaner Adrian for the work done at Mail Boxes in Lewisham – you have made a big difference and I wholeheartedly recommend your window cleaning services to any business or residence.

Adrian, Mail Boxes, Lewisham, SE13 5NS

I would just like to say a huge thank you to the team at Red Point Cleaning Service Ltd for the continued hard work keeping our many windows squeaky clean over the last four years or so. They are always friendly, courteous, and do a great job. Highly recommended and a pleasure to do business with.

Munnery Way, Orpington, BR6 8QD


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