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If you are hesitating because you think your job may be too small, or too big, please don’t! We focus on any type of window, and no size of job will faze us. So if you have a small flat with a couple of windows, or a large commercial unit with multiple windows, we are happy to tackle the job.

As an example, some of our most common jobs include:

Residential window cleaning
including windows and frames.

full cleaning from floor to ceiling.

Commercial window cleaning
single or multiple units, or full buildings.

Window frames and windowsills
we don’t consider the job done if the frames and sills are not as clean as the glass.

How can you find us?

You have probably walked past us at some point. Our team works across Wimbledon, servicing our regular and occasional customers around town, who range from those we visit on a weekly basis to those who call us in for an annual spring clean of their windows and conservatories

Here are the pricing details of a recent job in Wimbledon so you can compare it to your own property:

Vineyard Hill Road, SW19 7JL

  • Front windows: £15
  • Conservatory roof: £10
  • Back windows: £15

Whilst this gives you an idea of our prices, all quotes are completely bespoke. Contact us for your no-obligation quote.

With so many window cleaners, what makes Red Point the ones to choose?

As well as our great reputation, we also offer:


We work around you and your day, not ours. We will also tell you when we are on the way so you can get on with your day.

Payment options.

You can pay with any major credit card as well as cash.

Cleaning technology.

We use only purified water and water-fed poles for better results.


We are covered for working on your home so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Check our prices and costs for all types of cleaning jobs on our prices page.

Cleaning technology

Our window cleaners don’t mess around with buckets, sponges, and ladders. Nowadays, the most efficient way of cleaning windows is by using the following:

Purified water. With no impurities, 100% purified water is the only thing we use as it leaves windows spotless.

Water-fed poles. This way, we don’t need ladders getting in the way, interfering with your privacy and messing up your lawn.

Microfibre cloths. We find they are the best way to get streak-free results as we put the finishing touches on a job.

Don’t overlook the gutters

Gutters have an important job to do and for the most part they do it well. But they can clog up easily and when that happens it could lead to problems. Why not get your gutters checked and cleared at the same time as your windows?

Clean gutters mean:

  • Avoiding problems with water collecting below which could in turn lead to damage to basements, cellars, and foundations.
  • Keeping pests away as insects, rodents, and birds are attracted to pooled water and can make their home in yours.
  • Strong fascias as there will not be any moisture from clogged gutters to damage them and the roof frame.

For clean, free-flowing gutters, consider getting yours checked and cleaned regularly. If you would like a quote, or want to book an appointment, just get in touch with us; they can be done at the same time as your windows or at any other time to suit you.

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Roland has been cleaning my windows now for quite some time, and he will be cleaning them for a long time yet! He is personable and the equipment he uses means that my windows are always spotlessly clean – I’ve always got the option of him doing the insides as we need it too. Cleaning windows was the one job I would never do, so it’s great having someone who is reliable, excellent at what he does and good value for money – I definitely recommend Red Point Cleaning Service.
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