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Can you recall the last time your Westerham property had the window cleaning it needed? Maybe your conservatory is in need of a healthy cleanse too, or your gutters are blocked and causing additional issues that you are unsure of how to solve? Allow us to lend you a helpful, local hand. Here at Red Point Cleaning Services, we specialise in high-quality window cleaning and have transformed the external glasswork of properties all across Westerham and the surrounding areas, from Church Road to Croydon Road.

Here at Red Point Cleaning Services, we are specialists in producing that highly sought-after gleam for the external glass of your Westerham property that you will admire from the inside and out. We don’t just clean the glass, we spend time dedicating our attention to the frames and sills to create a dazzling new lease of life for your windows. Our cleaning method involves the removal of any mould, mildew or debris, as well as preventing the future growth of any damaging factors.

Our Westerham window cleaning services

From the commercial properties upon the high-street, to the homes within the peaceful lanes, there is not job too big of small for our team’s specialist services.

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Window cleaning
Allow us to bring a gleaming new lease of life back to the windows of your Westerham property.

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Conservatory cleaning
By use of our water-fed poles, you can be sure of a finish so spotless, you will be left wondering if we really just removed the glass.

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Commercial window cleaning
Allow your commercial property to shine with gleaming windows from floor to ceiling.

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uPVC frame and sill restoration
Our water-fed poles are perfect for a high-quality finish on your glass and uPVC windows, allowing us to complete a deep clean and full restoration service.

What can we offer for your Westerham property

From weekly, monthly and annual appointments, we here at Red Point Cleaning Services can offer your Westerham property a range of specialist cleaning services. We have been working throughout the location of Westerham and its surrounding areas for a wealth of years and to give you an insight into the services that get carried out, we have summarised a handful of local examples.

  • 5-bedroom house, Westerham

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £5
  • Inside: £24
  • 3-bedroom house, Westerham

  • Front windows: £12
  • Conservatory roof: £10
  • Conservatory roof inside: £20
  • Back windows: £11
  • Inside: £46
  • Business property, Westerham

  • Font windows: £10
  • Inside: £10
  • 4-bedroom house, Westerham

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £13
  • Inside: £25
  • 3-bedroom flat, Westerham

  • Front windows: £8
  • Back windows: £4
  • Inside: £12

As you can see, our prices are always different, based on each individual property. Find out more and get a quote.

Why you should choose Red Point Cleaning Services for your Westerham window cleaning

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Advanced technology

The technology we invest in, combined with our trained and skilled team, produces the purest result upon the glass of your property. Our water-fed poles work to ensure that no grime or smears are left on your glass, frames or sills, no matter the level of restoration work being completed.

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We allow you to create your date and time of booking so that we can slot perfectly into your diary plans and not take vital time out of your day. We will also send you a text message when we are on our way to you, allowing you the time to make your way home to meet us.

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Simple payments

We are joining the world of cashless payments! To keep payment fast and simple, we now accept all major debit and credit cards that will be accepted at the end of each appointment or block session.

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Each member of our Red Point Cleaning Services team is fully trained and insured to use any relevant tool required to complete our services to the fullest, so you can rest assured that each action will be taken with knowledge and care.

The benefits of our reach and wash system for your Westerham property

To achieve the highest potential and complete specialist cleaning work that exceeds expectations every time, we invest in the newest, most advanced technology.

Our water-fed poles are combined with the use of purified water, eliminating the need for any use of detergent and keeping your glass, frames and sills healthy during each clean. The poles work to absorb any impurities and guarantee a streak free finish every time. The water-fed poles also remove the requirement of ladders, allowing you to keep the top floors of your property within privacy.

To keep all windows, frames and sills at their healthiest, we do not use the water-fed poles on wooden windows as so to not cause staining damage to the woodwork. For exceptions like these, we carry a range of suitable equipment to adhere to a more tender approach. Our scrims and microfibre cloths reach the same level of cleanliness, so you can be certain that whatever your window type may be, you will receive the same level of specialist cleaning.

Gutter cleaning

The work and importance of our gutters often goes right over our heads, but it is important that we keep an eye on the functions of them once in a while. That is where our gutter cleaning service comes in, the perfect complementary service to accompany your window clean!

When your gutter becomes clogged, water will have no place to go other than overflowing and landing on the ground below. Repeated leakage of this water can cause heavy build-up’s which can then work their way underground and cause damage to your basement, cellar or the foundations of your property. This water may go unnoticed to you for a period of time, but that’s not to say that it won’t attract unwanted guests to your property, such as insects or rodents, which could then cause excess damage. The build-up of water and debris within your gutter can also cause damage to the fascia boards around your property, resulting in the need of costly repair work.

Take a look here to find out more about how our gutter cleaning service could benefit your Westerham property.

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If the external glass of your commercial or domestic property is in need of a deep clean or restoration, we are here to offer you a local, helping hand. No matter what service your Westerham property requires, we offer an initial consultation, tailored specifically to your home and service of choice, free of charge. To arrange yours, simply fill out the quick contact form below.



We are proud that our reputation is just as squeaky clean as the services we provide, with 100% of our current customers happy to recommend us to friends and family. Head over to our reviews page to see if our services are right for your Westerham property.


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