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A little bit about us

At Red Point Cleaning Service we believe that all windows should be spotlessly clean. This is why we don’t turn down any job. Big or small, we will take it on and give you the same high-quality service.

Our key services include:

Cleaning any widows for residential customers, whether it’s a small flat or a large building complex.

Cleaning conservatories, whether on a regular basis or for an annual deep clean.

Window cleaning for businesses, including small commercial units and whole commercial structures.

Restoring the shine to your whole window and getting your wood and uPVC frames back to their original glory.

Finding us is simple

With quite a few regular customers we are already working in Wandsworth and you may have seen us out and about. Many of those ask us for weekly or monthly window cleaning, while others engage us for that big clean once or twice a year.

To give you an example of our flexible pricing, we regularly clean windows around the area of Nightingale Square, SW12 8QN, in the London Borough of Wandsworth. This is what our customers pay for their window cleaning here:

  • Front windows: £12-£15
  • Back windows: £5-£50
  • Inside: £24-£65

There’s a big difference, because we always quote individually to make it fair for you. All prices depend on how many windows you want cleaning and the size of each window.

We will be happy to give you a quote for your property – find further details on our prices page.

Why we are unlike our competitors

We operate a flexible booking system

which makes sure your appointment fits in with your day.

We offer a number of payment options,

 including payment by credit card.

We have full insurance cover

so that we can work unhindered on your premises.

We use the latest technology

which consists of 100% purified water and a reach and wash system.

How do we clean your windows?

By using only the most advanced window cleaning system we can find. That means we haven’t used a bucket and sponge for a while now! Instead, we use the following:

A reach and wash system. This uses water-fed poles to give your upstairs windows as good a clean as the downstairs ones, without invading your privacy by climbing up ladders.

Purified water. Only 100% purified water will do as we find that it dissolves dust and grime without leaving any residue behind.

Microfibre cloth drying. By substituting leather for microfibre, we make sure there are no streaks or marks left behind.

Keeping your gutters clean too

Blocked gutters are a problem waiting to happen. If you haven’t checked yours for a while, now is the time to do it. Do you know what blocked gutters can do to your home? They could:

  • Lead to problems with your foundations or basement. If your gutters are blocked and water is dripping onto the ground, this will find its way into the structure of your home and potentially cause damage.
  • Bring you the kind of houseguests you don’t want. Standing water in blocked gutters invites mosquitoes, vermin and birds, which can then make their home inside yours.
  • Affect your fascias and roof frame. Moisture from water in clogged gutters can seep into them, causing them to slowly rot over time.

We have specialist gutter-cleaning equipment so we can check and remove any debris before it becomes a problem for you. And what’s more, we can do it while we are there cleaning your windows – quick and easy!

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Roland has been cleaning my windows now for quite some time, and he will be cleaning them for a long time yet! He is personable and the equipment he uses means that my windows are always spotlessly clean – I’ve always got the option of him doing the insides as we need it too. Cleaning windows was the one job I would never do, so it’s great having someone who is reliable, excellent at what he does and good value for money – I definitely recommend Red Point Cleaning Service.
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