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Welcome to Red Point Cleaning Service, your specialist window cleaners around Tunbridge Wells. Whether you are looking for a one-off or regular window cleaning service, rest assured that our skilled team can do the job well for you.

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Using a reach and wash system, with only purified water, we clean glass and windows to give you a sparkling clean finish that you will love. By working on the window as whole we make sure that any existing mould or mildew is thoroughly removed. Regular cleaning also prevents any future build-up so that it will stay away – permanently.

We are pleased and humbled to say that our reputation precedes us, with 100% of our customers willing to vouch for us. Some have even commented that they have had to check we didn’t scrub away the glass, their windows were so clean by the time we were done!

Window Cleaning Services for all in Tunbridge Wells

There is no such thing as a job too large or too small for us. We work on all kinds of windows, including large commercial buildings, residential blocks, single flats and whole houses.

Some of our more sought-after services include:

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for spotless residential windows and frames.

window cleaning
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full conservatory cleaning.

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Commercial units
whether individual units or entire buildings, we can do the job.

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Frames and sills
we offer a deeper clean to include uPVC frames and sills to restore them to their original sparkle.

What makes Red Point Cleaning Service in Tunbridge Wells special?

There are plenty of things, but the ones you are probably most interested in are:

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We use the latest technology.

This includes using purified water through water-fed poles for the cleanest results.

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Ease of payment.

We take payment by any major credit card, giving you the choice that best suits you.

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Flexibility of booking.

It’s about what suits you, so we work to your schedule. We will let you know when we are en route so you are not hanging around.

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Insurance cover.

We have it, so you don’t have to worry about it. We are fully insured for work on your premises to include all the necessary tools and equipment.


We don’t clamber up a ladder dangling a bucket and sponge at the top and risking life and limb. Only the best will do for our customers, so we only use the latest equipment to do our work. This includes:

Water: our water is purified and this is the only kind we use. It has no impurities or dust, leaving your windows streak-free and sparklingly clean.

Poles: these are water-fed, meaning we can do away with ladders once and for all. It also means you have full privacy in your home and no marks or scuffs on your grass of flagstones.

Cloths: only microfibre will do as it gives the best finish when drying windows and putting the finishing touches on our work.

Gutter Cleaning Services in Tunbridge Wells – For that final finish

It’s easy to forget our gutters while they are clear and doing what they are there to do. But they need to be checked and cleaned regularly as well and what better time to do it than when you are getting your windows cleaned?
Keeping your gutters clear will help to:

  • Keep your home in good condition. Overflowing gutters due to clogging can result in pooling water on the ground, which in turn can damage foundations, basements, and cellars.
  • Protect your fascias. Full gutters, backed up due to debris, can lead to moisture entering the fascia which can slowly damage the frame.
  • Keep out pests. A build-up of water will attract birds, insects, and even rodents, which can make their home in yours and cause damage.

It is worth considering regular gutter cleaning to make sure that any debris is removed and water can flow away freely.
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