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Red Point Cleaning Service is the leading window cleaner in and around Streatham offering regular and one-off services. We know this because what we offer is to leave you with shiny clean windows using innovative technology to meet demand from both residential and commercial customers.

Our reach and wash system with purified water melts away dust and mould from glass, frames and windowsills to leave them clean and strong. If you have a build-up of mildew we will perform a deep clean to make sure it is all removed.

Our customers are the ones who tell us we are good, we just work hard to do a good job. They have all said that they would recommend us, so we strive to keep them just as happy every single time.

Let us tell you more about our window cleaning services in Streatham

We love what we do so there is no job that we will turn down, no matter how big or small it may be. Working for both commercial and residential customers, we offer the following:

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Window cleaning
for homes to get your windows brilliantly clean.

window cleaning
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Conservatory cleaning
from top to bottom as often as you need it.

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Commercial window cleaning
for businesses of all sizes, including entire buildings.

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Deep cleaning the full window
to restore and keep it clean and strong.

Professional Window Cleaners in Streatham

You don’t have to look far. With plenty of established and ad hoc customers in the Streatham area we can’t be too far from you already.

Here are some examples of our cleaning work in Streatham:

  • 4-bedroom house, Ederline Avenue, SW16 4RZ

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £13
  • Inside: £25
  • 5-bedroom house, Pollards Hill Road, SW16 4NY

  • Front windows: £20
  • Back windows: £20
  • Inside: £40
  • 3-bedroom house, Craignish Avenue, SW16 4RW

  • Front windows: £15
  • Back windows: £15
  • Inside: £20

This gives you a general overview of our reasonable pricing, but remember, all prices are based on your individual property. Read more about our prices and get your free no-obligation quote.


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We use the latest window cleaning technology,

including a reach and wash system and purified water.

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We operate a flexible appointments system

that works around your availability. We will also let you know when we are heading to you on the day.

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We accept multiple payment forms

including all major credit cards.

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We are fully insured

to operate our equipment on your site.


We packed away the buckets and sponges a long time ago and have moved with the times. We operate the latest technology, which includes:

Washing using water-fed poles to avoid having to climb up ladders to reach the upstairs windows. It also means you are fully assured of your privacy within your home.

Using only purified water to melt away dust and grime and leave behind nothing but immaculately clean windows.

Drying with microfibre cloths so that those immaculately clean windows are completely streak free.

Don’t neglect your gutters – Gutter Cleaning in Streatham

Keeping your gutters clean and clear will keep your home safe and it is an easy job to do while you are getting your windows cleaned. Did you know that if you have blocked gutters you could also have:

  • Water permeating into the ground which over time could damage your foundations, basement, or cellar?
  • The kind of house guests you don’t want? Insects, mice and birds are attracted by standing water and debris and could build their home in your blocked gutter, a jumping-off point to get into your home.
  • Moisture soaking into your fascias damaging them and ultimately leading to a rotten roof?

Our cleaning teams have the specialist equipment necessary to quickly remove any blockages from your gutters, and we can do it at the same time as giving your windows their regular clean.

Contact us when you are ready for your free quote.


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