Top-notch window cleaners in Sevenoaks

When you are looking for window cleaners around Sevenoaks, you want nothing less than the best. Red Point Cleaning Service offers a top-notch window cleaning service capable of working on both commercial and residential properties whenever, and as often, as you need.

Interested in seeing just how clean your windows can be? All you need to do is
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There are a few things that set us apart from the competition, but first and foremost is our approach to window cleaning – we focus on the entire window and not just the glass. It’s easy for us to do with our purified water, water-fed pole system and this way, you avoid any potentially damaging build-up of mould and mildew, leaving you with brilliantly clean windows.

So brilliantly clean in fact, that more than once our clients have said they had to check the glass is still there! This is just one of the reasons that they have all said they would recommend us to others.


Whether you live in a small flat, a large mansion, run a business out of a commercial unit or manage the commercial building itself, we can help.

Our most frequently-asked-for services include:

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Whole window cleaning
top to bottom, frames, sills, and glass included as standard.

window cleaning
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regular or spring clean, we can have every aspect of it sparkling clean.

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Commercial units
large, small, single, or multiple, we can tackle jobs of any size.

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Residential homes
individual flats, terraced homes large houses, we can do it all.


While we are professionals at cleaning windows, we also understand that our clients value flexibility, so we offer:


at times that suit you and your schedule.

Payment options

that enable you to pay with any major credit card.

Full insurance cover

that means we can work without any problems on your premises.

The latest techniques

for a quick, clean finish every time using purified water and water-fed poles.


These no longer include the use of sponges, buckets, or even ladders to get to those windows on first and second floors. Our team will turn up with the following tools:

Water-fed poles for a deep clean using a reach and wash system. No more ladders, no more scuffs on walls and tiles, and full privacy in your home.

100% purified water to turn dull and dirty windows into brilliantly clean ones.

Drying cloths made with microfibres to finish the job, leaving no streaks.

Keep your gutters clean too

Easily forgotten until something goes wrong, don’t let your gutters cause you problems at home. We can check and clear them of any dirt and debris, either at the same time as we are cleaning your windows, or at any other time if you need us to.
Clean and clear gutters mean:

  • No water collecting at the base of your house which can seep into foundations and basements, leading to damage.
  • No pests, such as mice, insects or birds making their homes in your clogged gutters.
  • Robust fascias and roof frames free from the moisture that can lead to rotting timber.

Ready to take the next step towards clean windows and clear gutters? Just get in touch for a free quote at any time.



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