Window cleaning in Orpington

Look no further! With a long-established track record of very satisfied residential and commercial customers across Orpington, Red Point Cleaning Service is a professional window cleaning service that will not let you down.

We are different to all other window cleaners out there because we actually clean the full window. What do we mean by that? It means that we not only clean the glass, but we also remove mould and mildew from the frames and sills as well leaving them squeaky clean and in great condition too.
We are also big believers in using the right, and best, tools for the job. So we only use purified water supplied through a water-fed reach and wash system for a gleaming result, every time. We think this is why all our customers tell us they would recommend us to anyone who asks.

Red Point’s Window Cleaning Services in Orpington

Our motto is simple: we will clean anything that has a window. Nothing is too small, too big, too simple, or too complicated for our team.

Our top-selling services include:

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tiny flats or large residential blocks and everything in between.

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single commercial units or whole buildings.

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or any other structure primarily comprising glass.

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Full window
including the glass panes, windowsills, and frames.

Where we have cleaned windows in Orpington?

Look around. With so many customers in Orpington, we are bound to be around the corner from you.

To give you an idea of our prices in your area, here are some of our recent jobs:

  • 4-bedroom house, Lullingstone Crescent, BR5 3EA

  • Front windows: £10
  • Back windows: £10
  • Inside: £20
  • 6-bedroom house, Crofton Road, BR6 8EY

  • Front windows: £15
  • Back windows: 25
  • Inside: £40
  • 3-bedroom house, Moorfield Road, BR6 0HG

  • Front windows: £10
  • Back windows: £8
  • Inside: £18
  • 3-bedroom house, Trenear Close, BR6 9XT

  • Front windows: £8
  • Back windows: £10
  • Conservatory roof: £12
  • Conservatory roof inside: £12
  • Inside: £18
  • 4-bedroom house, Crofton Road, BR6 8EY

  • Front windows: £15
  • Back windows: £15
  • Conservatory roof: £20
  • Conservatory roof inside: £20
  • Inside: £30

This gives you a general overview of our reasonable pricing, but remember, all prices are based on your individual property. Read more about our prices and get your free no-obligation quote.


Most companies rely on just one selling point – doing a good job. We offer so much more, because we know our customers appreciate it and expect only the best. For these reasons, included as standard are the following:

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that are flexible and built around you and your needs.

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options that include cash as well as all major credit cards.

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Insurance cover

as standard so you need not worry about a thing.

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The best tools

for the job: 100% purified water using a reach and wash method.


We keep emphasising this because it is important. We will not turn up with a bucket and sponge, set up our ladders and use your outside water tap. No, this is what we use:

Purified water. Pure and simple, 100% of the time.

Reach and wash method involving water-fed poles (not a ladder in sight) and maintaining your privacy at all times.

Cloths made of microfibre, the latest in streak-free drying technology.

Leading Gutter Cleaning Services in Orpington

If you haven’t, then you should. Gutters keep your home free from a build-up of debris and stagnant water that can lead to damage.

Clear gutters are important for:

  • Sound foundations, with no risk of water seepage from pooling water which can also damage basements and cellars.
  • Keeping out pests. Insects, rodents, and even birds can start to burrow into your home attracted by the debris and water in clogged gutters.
  • Roof frames that are solid. Moisture from water that has collected in your gutters can trickle in, damaging fascias and rotting your roof frames.

It’s quick and easy to check and clear your gutters with our specialist equipment. We can either do it when we are there to clean your windows or can make a separate appointment if you prefer. To make an appointment, or to ask us for a quote, all you need to do is get in touch.



I would just like to say a huge thank you to the team at Red Point Cleaning Service Ltd for the continued hard work keeping our many windows squeaky clean over the last four years or so. They are always friendly, courteous, and do a great job. Highly recommended and a pleasure to do business with.

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