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Welcome to Red Point Cleaning Service, Lewisham’s leading window cleaners! We clean windows for both commercial and residential customers and are known in the area for our sparkling results each and every time, achieved using our reach and wash purified water system.

For a free window cleaning quote all you have to do is ask.


With this advanced technology system, you can be sure that we clean more than just the glass – in fact we clean the entire window! Removing the build-up of mould and mildew from your window frames and sills keeps them in a good condition, giving your windows a longer lease of life.
Put all of this together and we think this is why all of our customers are willing to recommend us to others. Rest assured that we will keep working hard so that this never changes.


A proud team of window cleaners, we work hard to get all our jobs – however large or small – done to the same sparkling standard.
This is what we offer:

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Single, multiple, or whole block
residential window cleaning.

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One or more units, or entire block
commercial window cleaning.

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Top to bottom spring clean of larger structures such as

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Deep clean of frames and windowsills to restore wood and uPVC structures.

Locating us

We are possibly one of the easiest window cleaners to find as we are already all around Lewisham, doing monthly, fortnightly and weekly cleaning as well as bigger jobs, such as conservatory cleaning, for our existing customers.


To give you an example of our prices, here is a recent job we carried out for a business in Lewisham:

Business property, Lee High Road, SE13 5NS

  • Font windows: £10
  • Inside: £10

You see? Our prices are very reasonable! All work is priced individually, so get in touch if you would like your free no-obligation quote.


There is a reason why we are different. More than one in fact, including:

Our excellent cleaning system

using reach and wash water-fed poles combined with purified water.

Our easy appointments

that are based on your availability and needs.

Our flexible payment

system, which accepts all major credit cards as well as cash.

Our comprehensive insurance

which allows us to work on your premises with our cleaning equipment.


We are not one of those window cleaning companies that is still using sponges and buckets. We have moved beyond that to use advanced systems of cleaning, including:

Reach and wash. This involves using water-fed poles for windows beyond our reach and has the added advantage of guaranteeing your privacy at all times.

Purified water. We only use 100% purified water for that extra clean wash to get rid of all dust and grime.

Cloths made of microfibre. We find these are the best for a perfect finish, removing every last trace of water and dust.

The final word – Your gutters

Gutters are one of the most functional parts of your home, keeping water away and efficiently keeping it from dirtying or damaging your home. It is also one of those jobs that is rarely done. A clogged gutter can lead to some serious problems, such as:

  • Ruining foundations and basements over time. If water is able to drip from blocked gutters and pool on the ground below, it will slowly seep directly into them.
  • Decaying fascias and crumbling roof frames if moisture from gutter water begins to work its way in.
  • New guests in your home in the form of vermin and birds nesting on gutter debris, or insects attracted by standing water.

Avoid all these problems being stored up without having to do anything other than ask us to bring our specialist equipment with us. It’s a simple job for us to check and clear your gutters while we are already there cleaning your windows. Ask us for a quote or make an appointment by getting in touch.



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