Premier Window Cleaning Service in Greenwich

The premier window cleaning service around Greenwich is offered by Red Point Cleaning Service. Available to both residential and commercial customers of any size, we operate an advanced technology system of reach and wash using only purified water, to leave behind nothing but spotlessly clean windows.

We offer both regular and one-off services to our customers. Either way, we do more than just clean the glass – we clean the whole window! That means that we will leave the window frame and sills spotlessly clean too. Keeping them free from mould and mildew will keep them stronger for a longer time and avoid damage.

We can say we are the premier cleaners in the area because our customers tell us we are. In fact, every one of them has told us that they would be happy to recommend us.

More about our Window Cleaning Services in Greenwich

We take on all sizes of jobs – larger or small, single units or whole buildings. We also work for both residential and commercial customers.
Our top services are:

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Residential window cleaning
to get them spotlessly clean for your home.

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Commercial window cleaning
to make sure you give your clients the right first impression.

window cleaning
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Cleaning conservatories
whether regularly or for a spring clean once a year.

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Restoring your window frames and sills
to their best by giving them a deep clean.

Reasons to choose Red Point Cleaning Service in Greenwich

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Our flexible booking system,

which makes sure you get an appointment time that works for you.

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Our easy payments system,

accepting all major credit cards.

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Our full insurance cover,

which lets us work on your premises with our equipment.

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Our advanced technology,

which includes using only 100% purified water and a reach and wash system.


Things have got much easier with today’s technology. We have left the buckets and sponges languishing in the basement and only use the following:

Water-fed poles, part of a reach and wash system that means we no longer need ladders either. It also means your privacy on the upper floors is uncompromised.

100% purified water for that spotless finish, without a smidgen of dust in sight.

Cloths made of microfibre for the ultimate drying power.

First Class Gutter Cleaning in Greenwich

Many forget them until they get blocked. It’s something to avoid so that they don’t cause further problems down the line, such as:

  • Damage to foundations, basements, and cellars. If it gets to the point where water is pooling below your blocked gutter, it can start to find its way into the ground and cause damage.
  • New houseguests in the form of insects and rodents which build their homes on debris and then find their way into your warm home.
  • Rotting fascias and roof frames. If there is water stuck behind a gutter blockage moisture can start to soak into them slowly leading to rotting wood.

We have the specialist equipment to check and remove any debris from your gutters and can do it while we are there cleaning your windows.

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