Window cleaning in Epsom

When on the hunt for a great window cleaning service in Epsom you shouldn’t have to look too far. Red Point Cleaning Service has been working in and around the area for a while, cleaning both residential and commercial property windows.

What makes us number one? We pay attention to detail. This means that we clean not just the glass but the window sills and frame too. We believe that removing all traces of dust and mould will keep your windows in great condition for a longer time.
We also believe in using the best tools for the job. This is why we only use 100% purified water and water-fed poles, part of a reach and wash system. We leave behind only brilliantly clean windows – you may want to check the glass is still there – and as a result all our customers would recommend us to others.

Our Window Cleaning Services in Epsom

We are well known for tackling all types of windows: residential and commercial properties alike. We don’t believe that any job is too complex or too simple and we will clean all windows.

Our most sought-after services include:

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Residential properties
small, medium or large, we can clean individual homes or whole residential blocks.

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Commercial premises
similarly, nothing is too large or too small when it comes to commercial units or buildings.

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Entire window
we don’t just clean the panes, we also clean the frames and sills.

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one-off or regular full clean of conservatories.

Why are we so different to other window cleaning services in Epsom?

As well as a professional window cleaning service, we know that our customers want a professional service all round. This is why we also offer:

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that also include major credit cards.

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An accommodating schedule

that works around you

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Full insurance

cover for your peace of mind.

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The latest tools

of the trade, including purified water and water-fed poles.


Things have moved on to equipment that is more sophisticated than the buckets, sponges, and ladders that you used to see. Nowadays, we work with:

100% purified water. Nothing more, nothing less and leaving not a speck of dust behind.

Water-fed poles. Part of a reach and wash system, it means we no longer need ladders and can be much more discrete around your home.

Microfibre: replaces the chamois of old, giving a streak-free finish.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Service in Epsom

Gutters have a very important job to do keeping water and pests out of your home. One of our services is a gutter check and clean to ensure that your home has:

  • Solid foundations and basements, unaffected by pooling water that can find its way in and cause damage and instability.
  • No unwanted animals, such as rodents or birds that burrow in using clogged gutters as a starting point.
  • Robust fascias and roof frames, free from moisture and condensation that lead to rot.

Using specialist equipment we can check and clear your gutters at the same time as cleaning your windows. Alternatively, we can be there at another more suitable time if that is better for you.

We are here when you need us. Just ask for your free quote at any time.


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