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Are the windows of your Edenbridge property calling out for a restoration or a dazzling shine? Here at Red Point Cleaning Services, we have been aiding properties throughout Edenbridge, from Crouch House Road to Mill Hill, as well as the surrounding areas, with our range of specialist services.

We know just how valuable your Edenbridge property is, whether it be domestic or commercial, and so we work to ensure that we produce a gleaming finish for yours that both you, and any passers-by, can admire. We cleanse every inch of your windows, from the glass panels to the frames and sills, and have the expertise to restore any areas that mat be suffering with the growth of mould or mildew, back to their original health.

Our Edenbridge window cleaning services

From the highstreets, to the peaceful, suburban residential areas of Edenbridge, we offer our services to any property type. No job is too big or too small for our team.

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Window cleaning
Allow us to bring a gleaming new lease of life back to the windows of your Edenbridge property.

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Conservatory cleaning
By use of our water-fed poles, you can guarantee the cleanest finish for the glass of your conservatory, from top to bottom.

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Commercial window cleaning
Allow your property to create a dazzling image that lasts, with gleaming windows from floor to ceiling.

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uPVC frame and sill restoration
Our water-fed poles are perfect for a high-quality finish on glass and uPVC, from a deep clean to our full restoration service.

What can we offer for your Edenbridge property

From weekly to annual appointments, we can supply your Edenbridge property with specialist cleaning due to our range of readily available services. To give you an insight into the specific locations we have worked within Edenbridge, and the services that have been carried out, we have summarised a handful of recent, local examples.

  • 5-bedroom house, Edenbridge

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £5
  • Inside: £24
  • 3-bedroom house, Edenbridge

  • Front windows: £12
  • Conservatory roof: £10
  • Conservatory roof inside: £20
  • Back windows: £11
  • Inside: £46
  • Business property, Edenbridge

  • Font windows: £10
  • Inside: £10
  • 4-bedroom house, Edenbridge

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £13
  • Inside: £25
  • 3-bedroom flat, Edenbridge

  • Front windows: £8
  • Back windows: £4
  • Inside: £12

As you can see, our prices are always different, based on each individual property. Find out more and get a quote.

Why you should choose Red Point Cleaning Services for your Edenbridge window cleaning

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Advanced technology

Our technology allows us to produce the purest result upon the glass of your property. Our equipment combination of water-fed poles and purified water work to ensure that no grime or smears are ever transferred onto your windows during the cleaning process, no matter the level of restoration work we may be completing.

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Life can become hectic and it may be that an appointment for your regular window cleaning service may feel difficult to fit into your diary. Here at Red Point Cleaning Services, we leave the choice of date and time down to you. With you arranging your appointment, we will work around your schedule to ensure that we only arrive when you find some spare time. We will also send you a text message when we are on our way, so there is no need to wait around indoors all day!

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Simple payments

With the ever-increasing use of contactless or card payments, we understand that having to head to the local cashpoint to withdraw money from your account can be a real bind. That is why we now accept all major credit and debit cards for fast, simple and cashless payments.

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Each member of our team is fully insured and trained to use any relevant tool that may be needed whilst cleaning and restoring the external glass of your property, so you can rest assured that each action will be taken with care and safety whilst leaving high-quality results.

The benefits of our reach and wash system for your Edenbridge property

By utilising the newest technology, each one of our services is able to reach its highest potential, exceeding expectations each time.

Our water-fed poles bring benefits to you and your property, as well as our safety. They eliminate the requirement for ladders, resulting in us working from the ground floor and leaving the top of your property with privacy. The purified water within these poles also removes the need for any harsh chemicals found within detergents that, over time, could cause damage to the glass panes or frames and sills of your windows. The water works to absorb any liquids, debris or other impurities for a guaranteed streak-free finish.

Not all frames and sills are suitable for our water-fed poles and so we ensure that we have the suitable equipment for any type of sill or ledge. For example, wooden frames require a more tender approach and so we have a range of scrims and microfibre cloths to ensure that they receive the same level of care and attention and a high-quality clean.

Gutter cleaning

The gutters of our properties are often a thought that really does go right over our heads. However, with the typical, varied British weather which we get daily in the UK, it may be time to get yours checked out – the perfect complementary service for a window clean. Are you aware of the three main negative effects of a clogged drain?

Water is the culprit of many problems, but a heavy build-up could begin to cause damage to our basement, cellar or even the foundations of your property.

The same water could also attract a collection of unwanted guests, ranging from rodents to insects, and if left unnoticed for long enough, they could work their way into your property.

The debris which is blocking your gutter, also known as the culprit which requires removal, could cause damage the fascia boards around your property, resulting in the need for costly repair work.

Take a look here to find out more about how our gutter cleaning service could benefit your Edenbridge property.

Arrange your free quote

If the windows or conservatory of your Edenbridge property are in need of a deep cleanse, or if your gutter is experiencing faults that you need cleared, we are give you a local, helping hand.

No matter what service you require, we offer an honest quotation, free of charge. Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.



Our reputation across Edenbridge and the surrounding local areas is just as spotless as the services in which we carry out, with 100% of our customers happy to recommend us to friends and family. Take a look at our reviews to see if our services could be right for your property.


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