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Who is Red Point Cleaning Service?

We are a team that prides itself on getting every window sparkling and shiny clean. We never think that a job is too small or too large and we are happy to take it on.

The main services we offer are:

Residential window cleaning
for single flats, homes or whole buildings.

Conservatory cleaning
for that top to toe clean, whether regular or one-off.

Commercial window cleaning
including entire buildings or single units.

Window restoration
through a deep clean for frames and sills to keep them in good condition for longer.

How to find us

Look up and down your street and you’ll see us working away! East Dulwich is where quite a few of our customers are based – we cover both residential and commercial customers and also clean conservatories in the area.

To give you some examples of our prices, here are the details of some recent jobs in the area:

  • 4-bedroom house, Upland Road, SE22 0DQ

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £13
  • Inside: £25
  • 4-bedroom house, Streamline Mews, SE22 8SL

  • Front windows: £10
  • Conservatory roof: £20
  • Conservatory roof inside: £20
  • Back windows: £12
  • 3-bedroom house, Streamline Mews, SE22 8SL

  • Front windows: £10
  • Back windows: £12
  • Inside: £22
  • 2-bedroom house, Streamline Mews, SE22 8SL

  • Front windows: £11
  • Back windows: £11
  • Inside: £22

As you can see, we offer a range of prices, based entirely on the work required. See more about our pricing and request your free quote.

How do we differ?

We are flexible.

Our appointments schedule is flexible to fit around times that suit you.

We take card payments.

In this cash-free world we accept all major credit cards.

We are covered.

We have full insurance cover to work in your home or place of business.

We use advanced cleaning methods.

These include a 100% purified water system using water-fed poles.

Our window cleaning methods

Believe it or not, there are still some window cleaners out there using buckets and sponges. We are definitely not one of them! We prefer to use the latest technology, including:

100% purified water. This is proven to melt away dust and muck, leaving behind clean windows.

Water-fed poles. Part of a reach and wash system, this enables us to tackle higher windows without invading your privacy.

Microfibre cloths. We finish the job with the ultimate drying tool to leave your windows sparkling clean.

Have you checked your gutters?

Easily overlooked, gutters are a big part of a clean and safe home. If you haven’t checked and made sure there is no debris in yours, now is the time to do it. Gutters can be a cause of problems in your home if they are blocked, and can:

  • Cause damage to foundations if water is allowed to drip and pool from blocked gutters above.
  • Lead to rotting fascias if moisture from standing water in your gutters is allowed to seep into your home.
  • Bring you unexpected guests in the form of vermin, birds, and insects which can build their nests on gutter debris and find their way into your home.

Cleaning your gutters is easy when you have the right specialist equipment, which we can bring with us if you would like us to clear your gutters the next time we come to clean your windows.

There’s a free quote waiting for you, just ask us for it!


What do our customers think about
our window cleaning services?


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Roland has been cleaning my windows now for quite some time, and he will be cleaning them for a long time yet! He is personable and the equipment he uses means that my windows are always spotlessly clean – I’ve always got the option of him doing the insides as we need it too. Cleaning windows was the one job I would never do, so it’s great having someone who is reliable, excellent at what he does and good value for money – I definitely recommend Red Point Cleaning Service.
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