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Who we are and what we do

We are professionals and we believe that there is no job too large or too small for our team. We take on each job with the same enthusiasm.

Our main services include:

Cleaning of conservatories
whether for an annual or more regular sprucing up.

Commercial window cleaning
from single unit sizes to whole buildings.

Window restoration
through deep cleaning to remove all dirt from the whole window.

Just a couple of reasons to choose Red Point Cleaning Service

We are fully insured
so can work without restriction in your home or business.

We accept payment by credit card, part of our easy payment system.

Your slot will be based around your day, part of our flexible appointments promise.

Our use of an advanced window cleaning system involving water-fed poles and purified water.

Our prices page is where you can find all the information you need on our services and pricing.

Only the best window cleaning systems

We believe in doing a good job for our customers. So we have invested in top of the range technology to get the job done well and we promise you will never see us with a bucket or sponge. We will bring the following with us to clean your windows:

Purified water. 100% each and every time. It dissolves away the dirt and dust for a gleaming result.

Water-fed poles. Part of a reach and wash system, it means we need no ladders to reach your upstairs windows. And the bonus is that your privacy is never compromised.

To finish the job, we will dry your windows using microfibre cloths for that streak-free final buff.

What about your gutters?

Keeping gutters free of debris and water will keep your home safe and avoid potential issues with damage, such as:

  • Water finding its way into your foundations, basement or cellar. Blockages to your gutters can lead to water dripping down and collecting on the ground below, where it percolates into the ground.
  • Moisture from standing water in your gutters getting into your fascia board, which could lead to rot.
  • New, uninvited houseguests in the form of birds, rodents and insects which are attracted by standing water.

You can avoid all this with a regular check of your gutters, clearing out any rubbish build-up quickly. It’s something that we can do while we are there to clean your windows; with the right specialist equipment it need not take us long. To find out more about this complementary service or to make an appointment for your gutters to be cleaned all you need to do is get in touch with us.
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What do our customers think about
our window cleaning services?


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Roland has been cleaning my windows now for quite some time, and he will be cleaning them for a long time yet! He is personable and the equipment he uses means that my windows are always spotlessly clean – I’ve always got the option of him doing the insides as we need it too. Cleaning windows was the one job I would never do, so it’s great having someone who is reliable, excellent at what he does and good value for money – I definitely recommend Red Point Cleaning Service.
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