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Are the windows of your Caterham property crying out for a spotless, yet healthy clean? Here at Red Point Cleaning Services, we have been providing homes throughout Caterham and its surrounding areas with dazzling windows and conservatories, from Coulsdon Road’s flats, to the restaurants of Godstone Road.

Here at Red Point Cleaning Services, we work to produce a gleam for your Caterham property that you will admire. We don’t just clean the glass. We cleanse every inch, from the frames to the sills, resulting windows that boast a dazzling new lease of life. Our cleaning methods remove any mould growth or debris to restore your windows back to their original health, as well as preventing the future appearance of any damaging factors.

Our Caterham window cleaning services

From the local high streets, to suburban residential areas, we offer our services to any property type, whether it be within Caterham, or throughout its surrounding areas. The experience our family run business holds means that no job is too big or too small for our services.

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Window cleaning
Allow us to bring a dazzling new lease of life back to the windows of your property.

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Conservatory cleaning
By using purified water and our water-fed poles, we can give you the clearest finish for the glass of your conservatory, from floor to ceiling.

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Commercial window cleaning
Allow your store to create a lasting image, with dazzling windows from top to bottom.

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uPVC frame and sill restoration
Our water-fed poles are safe for glass and uPVC, resulting in a deep clean and restoration service being available for those of your property.

What can we offer for your Caterham property

Whether you are seeking window cleaning specialists who can attend to your Caterham property weekly, fortnightly, monthly or annually, our range of professional services are available for you. To give you an insight into the costs of the services that have recently been carried out around Caterham, we have listed a few local examples.

  • 5-bedroom house, Caterham

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £5
  • Inside: £24
  • 3-bedroom house, Caterham

  • Front windows: £12
  • Conservatory roof: £10
  • Conservatory roof inside: £20
  • Back windows: £11
  • Inside: £46
  • Business property, Caterham

  • Font windows: £10
  • Inside: £10
  • 4-bedroom house, Caterham

  • Front windows: £12
  • Back windows: £13
  • Inside: £25
  • 3-bedroom flat, Caterham

  • Front windows: £8
  • Back windows: £4
  • Inside: £12

As you can see, our prices are always different, based on each individual property. Find out more and get a quote.

Why you should choose Red Point Cleaning Services for your Caterham window cleaning

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Advanced technology

Here at Red Point Cleaning Services, we use advanced technology to ensure the purest result for your property. Our combination of water-fed poles and purified water ensure that no debris or grime is ever transferred onto your glass, no matter what restoration work we have previously completed.

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Working life, children or even socialising can keep you away from your home for multiple hours a day and finding time to fit in an appointment may seem complicated. Here at Red Point, we allow you to arrange the date and time of your appointment. On the day of your appointment, we will send you a text message to inform you that we are on our way, so there is no need to wait around indoors for our arrival.

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Simple payments

We understand that day to day life can be hectic and the recollection to run to a local cashpoint for a withdrawal is very much something of the past. To follow in the footsteps of our new, increasingly cashless world, we now accept all major debit and credit cards for fast and simple payment either in bulk or after each singular session has been completed.

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As well as the experience and knowledge that our team bear, we are also all fully insured and trained to use the correct tools to suit whilst cleaning and restoring the windows and conservatories of your properties, at maximum safety.

The benefits of our reach and wash system for your Caterham property

We utilise the newest technologies for each of our services to enable us to achieve the highest quality result for your property.

Our water-fed poles allow us to reach the highest floor of your property without the need for ladders, allowing us to feel safer and therefore, complete a more thorough job whilst you get to maintain the highest level of privacy at your home.

The purified water within our reach and wash system absorbs any liquids, debris and other impurities without the need for a chemical detergent, giving you a spotless and streak-free finish when dried.

Whilst wooden window frames may not be suitable for our water-fed poles, we still bear the appropriate equipment to ensure that they receive as smart of a finish as any uPVC and glass, such as our range of scrims and microfibre cloths.

Gutter cleaning

Our gutters are often an ‘out of sight, out if mind’ factor that we rely upon without paying too much attention or offering much care to. However, after the typical weathering that the UK supplies us with, it may be worth having them checked – the perfect complementary service to opt for whilst having your windows or conservatory cleaned.

Many property owners are often unaware that blocked gutters can lead to a build-up of water pools forming on the ground below, affecting basements and even the foundations of your property. This build up of water can also attract unwanted guests, from insects to mice. The debris from within the gutter is also prone to relocating due to strong winds, heavy rainfall or a great deal build-up causing damage to your fascia boards and resulting in repair work being required.

Take a look here to find out more about how our gutter cleaning service could benefit your Caterham property.

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Are the windows of your Caterham property crying out for a clean and restoration? Maybe the water marks, debris or fingerprints on the glass of your conservatory are starting to become more apparent, or maybe your gutter is in need of a clean and clear?

No matter what service you require, we offer an accompanying honest quotation, free of charge. Fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.



We take pride in the fact that our reputation is as spotless as our services, with 100% of our customers happy to recommend us to their friends, family and neighbours. Take a look at our reviews page to see if our services are right for your Caterham property.


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