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window cleaners in south london

We’re sure you understand how important it is to have your home’s windows cleaned on a regular basis. The cleaner they are, the more natural light they let in, meaning the less artificial light you will need to use to light the interior of your home. Natural light is far better for your eyes, and far better for your soul (it’s been proven that natural sunlight helps stimulate a positive mental attitude), so if you keep your windows as grime-free as possible, they will allow more natural sunlight to stream into your home.

Windows are, of course, not all about glass. A window is made up of a frame and a sill, as well as all the supporting building materials. Window frames and sills are a favourite breeding ground of mould and mildew, plus they create the perfect, damp and dingy conditions that bugs and other nasties love. Keeping all aspects of your windows clean will make sure they last as long as possible without major maintenance being required on them, and will prevent unseen damage occurring to the framework of your home.

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We’re the home window-cleaning experts

Here at Red Point Cleaning Services in South London, you’ll find a team of expert window cleaners waiting to provide a thorough and professional window-cleaning service to all our domestic customers. We are very good at what we do, so much in fact that we rarely find we have to advertise  – we simply rely on providing the very best service that we can and let word-of-mouth do the rest – and we’re never short of business!

We use all the latest pieces of equipment in order to get the job done as efficiently as possible, using scrims and microfibre cloths, purified water and water-fed poles. Using poles enables us to remove large amounts of dirt and debris from your window by just using pure water. This really is the most effective way of keeping your windows clean, and to render them sparking and smear-free. It’s also a much safer way of cleaning windows than using the traditional ladder and a bucket method.

Keep ourselves safe to keep you safe

To clean your windows effectively requires people who are efficient at what they do, and who have been trained to perform to the best of their abilities. Long gone are the days when seemingly anyone could start a window-cleaning round as long as they had a bucket and long enough ladders. Windows need specialist treatment as they come in all kinds of varieties (single-glazed, double-glazed, sash windows, aluminium frames, uPVC frames, wooden frames, etc.) so you simply cannot apply a ‘one size fits all’ solution to each window.

That’s why we make sure all our staff are trained up to very high standards, and apply rigidly to our health and safety policy – for your protection as much as theirs. All our employees and all our worked is guaranteed (in the unlikely event that you don’t feel we did a good enough job, simply call us and we’ll complete the work to your satisfaction, free of charge of course) and we are fully covered by liability insurance. All documents pertaining to our insurance and health and safety standards can be viewed on request.

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We serve South London and beyond

If you are located outside of South London then that does not necessarily mean you cannot use our services. Check out our Areas Covered page for a full list of the areas that we do cover, or simply give us a call on either of the numbers listed below to see if we’ll be able to accommodate you.

To book the best window cleaning experts you’ll find in South London, contact Red Point Cleaning Services on  or  for housekeeping. You may also email us at or use the contact form here on our site.


Roland Nagy - Red Point Cleaning Service“I constantly strive to make sure that each and every one of our customers is totally happy with our services, be it a single window clean or a regular clean of a commercial business – I respect that our business is nothing without our customers and will never forget this, that is why we provide a guarantee for 100% satisfaction each and every time”

Roland Nagy


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