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Red Point Cleaning Service has been operating in the Putney area for a long time, establishing a reputation as the leading window cleaning service for commercial and residential premises.

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We have one type of standard: the highest! We know our customers only expect the best and we offer just that through our whole window cleaning service. This includes cleaning windowsills and frames as well as the glass, removing mould, dust, and mildew for a gleaming finish and longer-lasting lifespan.
We achieve this by using the finest window cleaning tools, including 100% purified water supplied through a reach and wash system to get to even the toughest of spots. So far, every single customer has told us that they would recommend us so we’re going to keep doing things this way.


Then we can certainly clean it! It matters not how big or how small it is. Nor how complicated or simple it may be.

Out top services include:

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residential blocks, houses or flat windows.

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single window commercial units or large commercial structures.

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as often as you need, we will leave them sparkling clean.

Front and rear windows and conservatory £25-1000
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Whole window
as standard, we clean the glass, frames, and windowsills.


There are actually a few things that set us apart. A superb window cleaning service is the obvious one. But we offer much more. We know our customers lead busy, complicated lives.So we make them easier with:

Flexible appointments

at times that best suit you.

Easy payment

We accept credit cards as well as cash payments.

Full insurance,

so you can rest assured we are covered.

Purified water and water-fed poles

for best results every time.


By finest we do not mean the latest bucket and sponge on the market. Nor does it mean turning up with a ladder and hose to hook into your outdoor tap.What it does mean, is:

Nothing but 100% purified water. No exceptions.

Water-fed poles so that we never need to use a ladder for the first or second floor windows (and your privacy is fully maintained).

Drying cloths made only from microfibre that we know gives the best finish possible.

What about your gutters?

What about them, we hear you ask. Did you know that if you left your gutters unchecked, they would clog up with rubbish, debris, and water and potentially lead to:

  • Damage to foundations, cellars, and basements as water pools below a blocked gutter and seeps into the ground?
  • Pests in your home, such as insects, birds, or rodents, which can use gutters as a jumping off point into your house?
  • Rotting fascias and roof frames which is caused by moisture from pooled water?

Avoid all of that by having your gutters checked and cleared on a regular basis. We can do this for you as part of our window cleaning service; just let us know and we will bring our specialist tools for the job. If you are short on time, we can make a separate appointment – whatever suits you best.

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