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All you need to know about our window cleaning services

Residential or commercial, large or small, we don’t turn down a job. If there is a dirty window somewhere, we can clean it.

Our key services comprise:

Cleaning windows
until they are sparkling clean again.

Commercial windows
on any size of property.

Cleaning conservatories
either regularly or as a one-off job.

Restoring the sheen
on your window frames and sills with a deep clean as needed.

How to find us

We have been in Bexley for some time, so take a slow look around you and we are sure you will spot one of our teams nearby.

Here are some recent examples of our services around the London Borough of Bexley:

  • 4-bedroom house, Brookland Avenue, DA15 7PJ

  • Front windows - £10
  • Back windows - £10
  • Inside - £20
  • 3-bedroom house, Woodside Road, DA15 7JG

  • Front windows - £10
  • Back windows - £20
  • Inside - £40
  • 5-bedroom house, Stafford Road, DA14 6PZ

  • Front windows - £15
  • Back windows - £15
  • Inside - £30

We always quote individually, based on the size of the job. Contact us for your free quote.

Why should you choose us?

We use only the most advanced cleaning technology.

This includes purely purified water and a water-fed pole system to reach and wash.

Our flexible appointments mean

that we can work around you and your day however complicated it may be.

We operate a multiple payment system

including accepting credit cards.

We are fully insured

to work on your business premises or in your home.

Find all the details of our window cleaning services and prices on our prices page.

Superior technology for a gleaming finish

Who needs buckets and sponges in today’s day and age with such advances in technology? This is what we use:

A reach and wash system using water-fed poles so we don’t have to climb ladders to reach upper windows.

Purified water at all times to dissolve all dirt and grime leaving behind only spotlessly clean windows.

We finish the job by drying everything using the latest microfibre technology cloths.

The final touch: your gutters

Neglecting to clean and clear your gutters could lead to problems. If it has been a while, don’t store up trouble, let us do the job for you using our specialist equipment to reach in and clean them. With clean gutters you can rest assured that:

  • There is no water overflowing from clogged gutters that could percolate into foundations and basements, damaging them.
  • Fascias remain strong. If there is a blockage in your gutter and trapped water behind it, this could lead to moisture getting in and causing rot.
  • You have no unwelcome guests. Birds and mice can build their nests in debris blocking your gutter and find their way into your home. Stagnant water also attracts mosquitoes.

It’s easy to do while we are there, so don’t hesitate to ask for help in order to keep your home safe. Contact us to make an appointment or to ask about our gutter cleaning services.


What do our customers think about
our window cleaning services?


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Roland has been cleaning my windows now for quite some time, and he will be cleaning them for a long time yet! He is personable and the equipment he uses means that my windows are always spotlessly clean – I’ve always got the option of him doing the insides as we need it too. Cleaning windows was the one job I would never do, so it’s great having someone who is reliable, excellent at what he does and good value for money – I definitely recommend Red Point Cleaning Service.
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